Webster Technique

What is the Webster Technique?


The Webster protocol is a chiropractic technique designed specifically for the gentle, non invasive adjustment of the pelvis and sacrum of pregnant mothers, however it can be used to treat any individual.

The Webster Protocol  involves specific analysis and adjustment of the sacrum, pelvis, and associated muscles and ligaments of the lumbopelvic  region. This  allows for optimal range of movement in the lower back and pelvis, and minimised tension in the pelvis throughout pregnancy.

Symptoms of lumbopelvic dysfunction include lower back pain, sciatica, pain down the legs and through the groin, referred pain, tightness or a tugging sensation around the lower abdominal area. Aberrant movement and tightening of the ligaments and muscles surrounding the pelvis in a pregnant mother can cause pain and discomfort.


Correction of pelvic misalignments using the Webster Protocol involve light chiropractic adjustments using a table with segments that drop away when the chiropractor applies pressure  in specific directions. The chiropractor may also provide gentle mobilisation of the hips and stretch associated muscles around the groin and lower back. Expecting mums cradle their tummy in a specifically designed pillow as they lay face down for treatment. No pressure is felt through the stomach.  This technique is very gentle.

Mothers undergo a myriad of changes to their body throughout pregnancy, such as weight gain, postural changes, and hormonal adaptions, which all increase the stress placed on the nervous system. Chiropractic check-ups and adjustments may help their bodies to adapt to such changes and optimise bodily function.